Raja Yoga for Everyone

Raja yoga is an art and science, utilizing the laboratory of our mind and body to harmonize with Spirit. The concepts and methods of raja yoga are practical, easy to understand, and easy to practice. Results from practice are most often immediate, very apparent, and after short time, life changing.

Immediate results from raja yoga may be, stress and anxiety relief, increased energy, mental and emotional clarity, mental centeredness and happiness. Vibrant strength and a newfound vitality pulsating through the body like never felt before are other gains one may find with just a little practice of raja yoga.


Raja Yoga – Increases Athletic Performance

Raja yoga has been known to significantly increase athletic performance. The Chicago Bulls utilized a small bit of raja yoga during the Jordan years. Jordan claims that meditation played a large part of their team to be able to play “in the zone” longer and more often, as well, played a significant part in winning as many championships as they did. I have seen yoga provide a significant extra edge, which nothing else could.


Raja Yoga Optimizes Health

It is more and more recognized and proven that bodily malfunctions and disease, many times, manifest from repeated mental and emotional habit patterns that have gotten out of control. They may get to the point where they control us and our behavior. By utilizing raja yoga practices, many habitual emotions that feed malfunctions and disease will naturally neutralize, as well, bring the body’s energetic physiology back in equilibrium that supports optimum health and longevity.

For example, many of us know or have known one who is angry all the time. The emotion of anger generates an energetic current in the body and invites anger back to a similar circumstance. As impulses of anger arise, they are strengthened by acting out in anger, and the energetic current builds. The person will then get angry in more circumstances. As the energetic current continues to build, many times the person gets to a point where the slightest circumstance will set off anger. Then, at a point, when there is nothing to be angry about, the person will find something to be angry about. In yogic science, anger is associated with the heart. Notice that when people get to this point, heart imbalances such as hypertension may manifest. With just a little bit of practice of raja yoga, emotional imbalances and the physical representations they support begin to clear up and become replaced with a healthy mind and body. I have seen this first-hand many times.


Meditation: The Power-house of Raja Yoga

The main practice of raja yoga is associated with meditation. There are many types of meditation practices available and it may seem difficult which type of meditation to choose from. There are Americanized versions of meditation that work on superficial levels. They have affect though they are limited in comparison unless they are composed of techniques and understandings of raja yoga. At Raja Yoga Source, we share the best and most powerful practices of meditation. We also share with you the understanding of the unfoldment meditation brings.

With raja yoga, meditation utilizes a system with varying techniques suitable to your personal needs that evolves the mind and body, allowing for a longer, more youthful and more magnetic life. With technique, one finds the fastest progression under the care of a master. Finding a qualified teacher is great and can get you off to a very good start, however being receptive when a master finds you can take you further than you ever imagined.


Raja Yoga and Spirituality

Raja yoga is fascinating, beautiful, fun, and totally amazing. There is no limit to which the practice of raja yoga can take you. People that are religious and spiritual especially do well with raja yoga, mainly because they want to evolve spiritually. They want to please God. People with religious or spiritual affiliation feel they understand God better and become a brighter light with their affiliation. Raja yoga is not a religion; it is an art and a science. Billions of people over a period of several thousand years have practiced raja yoga. One should be aware that many have expressed the practice far from a graceful place. I have seen some swamis, who claim to be ambassadors of raja yoga, express that raja yoga is only for certain individuals or spiritual or religious types. Don’t let this steer you away. Yogic masters on the other hand will say that raja yoga is for everyone and for all traditions. All faiths lead to the Infinite. Raja Yoga helps reveal the Infinite within you.


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