Meditation Course Testimonials from Southern Oregon University


Word on the street coupled with personal testimony from trusted sources had me sold that this was the best class ever. And it certainly was. Meditation has probably connected me with the highest levels of personal happiness, satisfaction, and contentment I have ever felt. It was an escape I had never felt before. The feeling of bliss and elevation was unlike any I had experienced. Just thinking about those moments right after class brings a smile to my face and puts me in a good mood. I’m excited for the website you mentioned to me. I feel that will be a valuable tool for many people. As expected, the class delivered. Overall your class was fantastic! What a surprise…

Thanks again for another great class.



Meditation class with Patrick has impacted my life tremendously in the past three months. One of the biggest ways meditation has helped me was through helping me to lessen my depression and anxiety. I was taking a lot of different medications and seeing many different therapists and while this class didn’t end that all together, meditation helped me to get off of all those medications and I now only meet with one therapist one time per week. I am feeling a lot happier and I am hardly ever depressed now. I plan to use the yoga and meditation I have learned to help me keep this under control. Another important way meditation has helped me is that I have started to feel like I have more energy when I wake up and that helps me throughout the day. I have learned meditation is for everyone.

Thank you very much

Justin Rudy


Patrick’s Meditation Class

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for a really amazing experience. I was really apprehensive upon starting the meditation course, but within one session I felt very much at ease with these very foreign concepts and methods. You presented the material in a very inviting and engaging way, which helped. Meditation has given me an inner cool now that I haven’t been able to access in ten years or more. I feel confident with continued meditation practice I can achieve a level of growth that has alluded me thus far on my own.

Joseph Shinkle


Patrick’s Meditation Class

Before beginning Meditation 1 and Meditation 2, I was searching for more meaning my life. I had gotten so disconnected with myself throughout my journey that I wanted to find more peace in my life and with myself. I knew that taking a meditation class along with making some greater life changes would be a great way for me to succeed in what I was trying to accomplish. Right off the bat, through meditation, I didn’t want to smoke anymore. Meditation made it undesirable. As well, meditation naturally made my body want healthier lifestyle changes.

What kept me on the right track was your meditation class. The Yoga was unbelievable and helped strengthen and tone my body. I gained a lot of flexibility and good posture as well. The guided meditation did so much for me on top of keeping me on my healthier lifestyle. I have been more at peace in my day to day life than I have been in years and I have never felt healthier.

My relationship has never been better and through meditation, I owe it to my better sense of self. My patience with my children has even gotten better! I find myself so much more grateful for my life. A lot of your talks in class have been so good for me to hear. I still practice meditation and want to continue practicing Yoga as well. I don’t know whether this class just came at the perfect time in my life, or it helped me to see that it was about time.

Thank you so much for all that you have taught me. Your guided meditation was so helpful and amazing! Please let me know what you are teaching and when, I’m very interested! Take care of yourself, your wife, and your new bundle of joy, and get back to me as soon as you can regarding your Raja Yoga and meditation classes.

Best wishes,

Jessica Shannon


I am so pleased with all that I have learned this term in this meditation course. Meditation has literally opened my world up and I feel more enlightened and spiritual. I have been one who has gone to a building/church seeking spirituality but still felt hungry and meditation has filled that hunger.

I feel that meditation, for me, is mine and it is very personal and sacred. It has pushed me further down my spiritual journey. I now have a greater understanding that life is not an event it is a process. I am enjoying the process!

Richele Baldock

Patrick’s Meditation Class

I came into this meditation class not knowing what to expect. I’ve had skepticisms about meditation and didn’t consider yoga to be all that helpful, but little did I know… The first day was a big eye opener for me as to the potential of meditation, my mind was clear, I felt energized, relaxed and most of all I felt great and that was after one quick session. I practice meditation at home every day and notice a difference in the mental clarity when I do yoga beforehand. It seems to be more powerful when I loosen up the body.

The best thing I can take away from meditation would be the fact that it is helping change my outlook on life. Sure, it reduces my stress and helps me relax, but more importantly it gives me the opportunity to harness all of my scattered thoughts and focus on what is important. I feel great after every meditation and it shows in my personality. I can’t wait to further my knowledge and experience with meditation and hopefully I continue to pursue this practice in later years. This class was a very enjoyable class, thank you!

Mathew Musselman


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